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Medical, Dental, Vision, Rx, & Preventative Care Plans Starting at Just $24.95/mo?

The solution to affordable health care anytime, anywhere for yourself, your family & employees...

  • Telemedicine, available 24/7

  • Dental

  • Vision

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Preventative Services

  • Individuals or Groups

How is this Possible?

This is always the 1st question we get when someone sees the type of quality, all-inclusive benefits they can get for themselves and their families with the LifeExec Advantage Wellness benefit plans!

It sounds unbelievable, but lucky for all of us, it's now a reality thanks to LifeExec's direct negotiation power that gives you direct member access to network providers without middle man markup, or bloat from insurance companies.

The result... the complete health and wellness package you and your family need, at a tiny fraction of the price of traditional insurance.

And considering the fact that in 2022 the national average price for individual health coverage is $502/mo, and $1,403/mo for family coverage, you can see why individuals and business groups alike are joining the LifeExec family at a record pace.

Employers can now attract and retain the best employees or independent contract workers by offering a full range of health & wellness benefits.

Enroll yourself and any or all of your employees or contract workers to get even bigger discounts with no restrictions, no minimums, & no enrollment period requirements.

You have total flexibility to simply offer the benefits at a discount, pay for all, or pay for any portion. The choice is yours and no matter what you choose, your team will love you for it!

Industry Spotlight - REALTY AND MORTGAGE


Industry Overview

Real estate was one of the hottest markets over the past decade. In 2022, inflation, supply chain issues, and increased interest rates house are selling in 35-40 days. The economic impact is being felt but realtors are largely remaining on tightened budgets.   The number of realtors and mortgage lenders in the US is massive. Combined, they represent almost 2 million lives. Real estate professionals are almost exclusively independent contractors whose employers don't provide benefits

CORE PROBLEM - Limited access to benefits. 1099 contractors don't qualify for most benefits. The benefits they do qualify for expensive. The average cost of entry health insurance is $502 per person and $1,403 per family. The high cost of health insurance is difficult for new or part-time realtors and challenging for all realtors during economic recessions.


Case Study of Red Door Realty

Red Door Realty is a successful realtor agency serving central Oregon. The owner, Christine Browning is an industry leader with a deep commitment to her dedicated team. Together, they've sold over 2,000 homes.   One of Christine's biggest issues with the realtor market is the lack of employee benefits.

Christine offered access to LifeExec Benefits to her employees and was met with immediate gratitude and applause. The reaction was so overwhelming that her team posted LifeExec Benefits on a realtor community on Facebook and in less than 24hrs they had so many responses they had to delete the post!

Red Door's team became inspired to do something good for their community. The opportunity to help so many people and solve a legacy issue inspired Red Door to create LifeExec awareness campaign to all the real estate professionals in Oregon and Arizona that resulted in over 10,000 new members (and counting) onboarding with LifeExec Benefits.

Word has since spread across the country from Seattle to Miami and everywhere in-between, and today realtor agencies have become the fastest growing market segment of LifeExec benefit recipients.

If you are a realtor and haven't signed up yet, what are you waiting for? :-)

The best health and wellness packages at the lowest prices on the planet await you!


Christine Browning - Owner, Red Door Realty

"Traditionally owners are in a difficult position because this is a transient employment market of 1099 employees. We don't have access to a lot of benefits and benefit management can be a managerial nightmare for a single owner. That said, everyone needs benefits. It's one of the biggest concerns to every realtor nationwide.

I offered the suite of LifeExec benefits to my team and the response was overwhelming. We then made a single post in a realtor Facebook group and received so many responses (questions and inquiries) that we had to delete the post in less than 24 hours.  


LifeExec Offers 4 Package Options to Meet Every Need

From Telemedicine to In-Person Dr Visits, Specialists, Disease Management, Urgent Care, Vision, Dental, Preventative Care, Mental Health Care, Personal Protection Services and more, LifeExec has a plan that's right for you!

Peace of Mind Knowing You Have Access to What You Need, When You Need it Most...

Short Video Summary

Individual Benefits...

* Group Enrollments are Eligible for Up to 25% Additional Discount Off the Prices Below *